Tavola Ravioli Mold


The Tavola Ravioli Mold is our solution to perfect handmade ravioli!

Yes, the SECRET is out, this is how Tavola makes our LARGE and WELL STUFFED ravioli, perfect batch after batch. We designed this mold to make large batches of ravioli to sell at our Farmers Market. The first Ravioli Mold was lovingly made by my husband in our garage where he discovered a few new good swear words in the process. We used it for a demo at the market and local chefs saw it and wanted one, so we produced a drawing and we have it CNC machined from a SINGLE PIECE of HARD MAPLE. This mold is SOLID, BEAUTIFUL, PRECISION MADE and will last a LIFETIME. To make perfect ravioli first coat it with a thin layer of flour then lay a sheet of pasta over the mold. Use a pastry bag or spoon to place the filling in each center. Next, lay a second sheet of pasta down and tamp it down. Lastly, use a rotella and let it follow the tracks along the lengths of the mold and then across. Now just pick up the ends of the mold and flip it over!

The Tavola Ravioli Mold makes 2 ½” ravioli, 36 at a time, and measures 35” L X 8.5” W X 1.5” H


Type: Artisan Pasta tools